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Writer and Director Gabriel Sheets started his filmmaking career with his very first short film, Writer’s Block. He has since gone on to write a countless number of screenplays and work on several sets as a 2nd AC. His strong work ethic is defined by his unbreakable passion for filmmaking. This passion started at the age of six and has since matured into a concrete prospect.

What Gabriel lacks in age, he more than makes up for with an impressive experience level in the industry. His favorite past time is watching movies, and his favorite activity is making them. Gabriel is an admirer of abstract storytelling. He loves to keep the audience on the edge of their seat and their eyes peeled to the screen. Getting lost in the experience is the magic of cinema. Gabe uses this dogma to craft intricate films that play to the beat of your heart. 



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See past work and efforts in Gabe’s portfolio. He has been approaching filmmaking for the last nine years. That isn’t a long time compared to most, but he has gathered a well-rounded set of experience on film sets, internship oppurtinities, and his own personal work.  The ever growing page is still young.

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