About Me

My life is film and more film.




Hey there.

My name is Gabe Sheets. I’ve been on this Earth for only 15 years, but my life has been an exciting adventure thus far. A passion for movies sprung up around the age of six, and from there I began making small videos with neighborhood friends. We would mimic whatever cool action scene or complex plot that we had seen in blockbusters. On the level of a couple of kids running around making a James Bondesque action film with a camcorder and a few prop guns, the videos were amazing. But in the grand scheme of filmmaking, of course, my movies were silly.

But I was passionate so I kept going, and for over nine years now I’ve been constantly growing, maturing, and better understanding my craft. I’ve been connected with tones of local filmmakers and had the privilege of watching them work. My film career went from making neighborhood friends with kids to writing screenplays, planning films, directing actors, and editing videos. I’ve worked on countless film sets and have had the opportunity to work as a 2nd AC on quite a few of them too.

Screenwriting is where I am most confident as a storyteller and I never stop writing. There’s always a new idea wanting to make it’s way onto the page. It’s my perfectionism and passion for the story that leads me to direct my films. The whole process is exhausting, but when done right, it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced.

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