A memory is forming.

About the film

Fugue is an ambitious action piece set during an intense foot chase, at which time our main character gets into a violent accident, causing him to suffer from memory loss. As our main character puts the puzzle pieces back together, he begins to become confused about the role he is playing in the bigger picture.

Fugue is a passion project. It’s not a prospect with the promise of “return on investment” but it is a story the entire team is very excited about. The film is really a portfolio piece for Gabe and everyone else signed up for the project. It’s a talented group of people putting our best foot forward and trying to make an amazing piece of art.


An incredible team of talented individuals with unmatched experience. Their work eithic is unquestionable and commitment is overwhelming. Fugue’s team is both humbling and inspiring for the director.

Gabe Sheets


Wyatt Weed

1st Assistant Director

Jessica Ambuehl

Lead Producer

Mary Kay Sheets

Executive Producer

Behind The Scenes

My next project. In the making.

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